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Danger and Dance: Comedian Phenomenon Announces Debut Album

todayAugust 18, 2023


Last month, Kyle Gordon, a comedian well-known on social media, shared a brief video in which he performed the satirical track “Planet of the Bass,” a pastiche of European dance music. He performs under the persona of an original character, DJ Crazy Times, a bit he has been doing since high school. Almost instantly, the video sparked an inexplicable frenzy across online culture. According to Twitter, the snippet has amassed an astonishing 110+ million views and counting.

(c) Kyle Gordon, Loose Films

Not only is it a perfect, Al Yankovic-level parody: “Planet of the Bass” takes everything to 1,000% (committing to the bit so, so hard, even Andy Kaufman would be scared). Gordon mentioned to the New York Times that he composed the song with the intention of playfully mocking and honoring artists such as Real McCoy, Culture Beat, and Aqua. To refine the track, he brought on board Brooks Allison, a writer from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Jamie Siegel, a producer. With their assistance, he was connected with Poland, who contributed the intentionally awkward: “When the rhythm is glad, there is nothing to be sad.”

Grasping what propelled timeless hits like “Barbie Girl” and Eiffel 65’s “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” to enduring popularity, “Planet of the Bass” intentionally embodies their very essence. Every facet, down to the mock accents, was meticulously crafted by Gordon and Co. to capture the essence of deliberate artificiality. The ingenious choice to repeatedly recast “featured artist” Biljana encapsulates the very essence of the carefree spirit and genuine insincerity for which Eurodance groups are celebrated.

Alongside the song’s official release, which was moved up weeks due to fans’ commands, Gordon collaborated with Loose Films for an official music video. It’s meticulously well done, paying homage to the original video(s), featuring fantastic cinematography, and expanding the story’s plot, which only enhances your enjoyment of the song.

Not only do I enjoy the song itself, I find it very inspiring that not only can a comedian go so far with a bit nowadays, but have it be both profitable and successful; leading to crazy opportunities. Like performing with the Jonas Brothers!

Capitalizing rightfully on the immense triumph of the song, Kyle Gordon has made a triumphant announcement regarding his inaugural comedy album, titled Kyle Gordon is Great, in partnership with BMG. Kyle Gordon Is Great will assemble even more genre-based musical parodies, each showcasing distinct characters conjured by Kyle himself. The album is to be masterfully tied together by fictitious broadcasts (including college radio…) interspersed between tracks, crafting an overarching concept akin to navigating through diverse musical styles while cruising in your car.

This album is the culmination of years of work – writing and testing these songs in front of hundreds of audiences. So in many ways, this first album is kind of like a collection of my greatest hits. I titled the album Kyle Gordon is Great and, to me, great comedy is a) unique b) accessible, and c) mostly importantly, really really funny. My goal on this album was to make great comedy music! – Kyle Gordon

Kyle Gordon Is Great releases November 10th on streaming platforms.

(c) BMG

Written by: Jace